Coral & Pearl


Seventeen-year-old “wave child” Nor has grown up in the shadow of her identical twin sister, Zadie. Due to a childhood accident that left a permanent scar, Nor knows her sister will be chosen as the most beautiful girl in Lakana and sent to marry the Prince of Ilara, while she remains behind in her stilt-legged home, the closest thing to land she’ll ever walk on.

Just days before her departure, Zadie is nearly killed by a jellyfish, and Nor is chosen to go in her place. Having grown up listening to tales of Ilara’s wealth and beauty, she is dismayed to discover that her new home is more cave than castle, carved into a mountain and devoid of sunlight. While the Lakani live long, healthy lives, thanks to the coral that grows in their waters, the Ilareans have grown weak from decades spent in the dark. Nor is kept like a prisoner in the castle by the crown prince, Ceren, who makes it clear that he is only marrying Nor to strengthen the royal bloodlines.

While Ceren is busy with an experiment that will allow him to harvest the pearls the Lakani trade for survival, Nor comes to know his younger half-brother, Talin, whose Lakani mother was killed several years ago. Slowly, as she grows to trust Talin and gathers information from a source within the castle, Nor begins to piece together the puzzle of why her own people continue to grow poorer at the hands of the Ilareans, and the truth behind the Queen’s fate. But when Ceren finds the key to strengthening his blood lies within the Lakani themselves, Nor must fight for something far more important than the livelihood of her people: their lives.





Ever since the night a star fell on her home, seventeen-year-old Liora Duval’s skin has glowed. To hide her condition, Liora sews clothing from iridescent fabrics and never leaves her home after dark, in the hopes that the king’s most trusted advisor, a powerful wizard named Darius, won’t discover her. Otherwise he’ll use her magic for evil, just as he’s done with Liora’s neighbor Margana, a witch who weaves tapestries into truth.

When Darius’s magic sight hounds track Liora down, the weaver shields Liora with her own magic and offers protection in the form of an apprenticeship. Liora finds herself sorting thread and dying wool for the witch, until she discovers a pure black tapestry hidden in Margana’s attic. Commissioned by Darius to be a physical manifestation of his power—emptiness—the completed tapestry will spread like a shadow, consuming everything in its path. Margana won’t destroy it unless Liora, whose glow is the only light not swallowed by the tapestry, will enter it and find her missing son: the boy Liora has loved her entire life, until he disappeared without warning two years ago.

But Liora’s powers aren’t just valuable to Margana. Darius knows more about her than he’s willing to let on, and with her younger sister Mina in his possession, she is faced with impossible decisions. As she begins to understand her own magic, she learns one important truth: Stars don’t just shine; they burn. And if Liora isn’t careful, she could burn herself out just like Darius, and take everyone she loves with her in the process.