In 2014, I was chosen to be a mentee in Pitch Wars. I signed with my agent shortly after and have mentored for the three years since. My first mentee (and now my co-mentor), Joan He, recently sold her novel, Descendant of the Crane, to Albert Whitman. My second mentee, Astrid Scholte, will debut with her novel, Four Dead Queens, in spring of 2019.

Taking a promising manuscript to the next level is one of my passions. I have significant experience with query letters and pitches, for multiple published authors as well as my own. A former copy editor, I also have a sharp eye for detail and line-level edits. If you’re interested in getting help with your manuscript, whether it’s to prepare for Pitch Wars, another contest, or querying, please get in touch at mara.r.rutherford @ gmail to discuss your project and pricing. Thanks!